Tuition & Registration Fees

Tuition Fees (monthly installments listed) 

  • 1 class/week (30 min) $42
  • 1 class/week (45 min) $55
  • 1 class/week (60 min) $60
  • 1 class/week (75 min) $65
  • 1 class/week (90 min) $69
  • 2 classes/week $114
  • 3 classes/week $156
  • 4 classes/week $198
  • 5 classes/week $235
  • 6 classes/week $267
  • 7+ classes/week $280

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. After the 10th of the month a $20 late fee is added to all past due accounts. Tuition is payable in 10 equal payments from September through June regardless of the amount of classes held or taken. In order to avoid late fees, we highly encourage the Auto-Pay Option.

Prefer to pay annually or bi-annually? Please contact the office to set up an alternate payment plan. 

Registration Fees

A non-refundable $15 registration fee, which includes accident insurance, is due annually.  $25 registration fee for families with two children, $35 registration fee for families with three or more children.

Family Discounts:  (dancers are ranked by age)

  • 2nd dancer receives a 5% discount
  • 3rd dancer receives a 10% discount
  • 4th dancer receives a 20% discount
  • Family unlimited $450

Notice:  Our online system works very well for accounts with one dancer. For families with two or more dancers, please contact us after you set up your account with your dancers’ information. Once we set the 2nd/3rd Dancer Discount you can finish registration process.  We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have it resolved very soon!

Auto Pay or PayPal options are available through the Parent Portal or App

Other Discounts in Tuition & Registration Fees

  • Multiple 75 and 90 minute classes priced at the 60 minute rate.
  • The per class rate drops with multiple classes per week.
  • Siblings receive a registration discount.

Parent Portal

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