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Congratulations to us! We are in our 21st year!

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Ballet Center News

Happy, Healthy Dancers!


Accomplishments by our dancers in include:

  • $20,000 scholarship to Dean College
  • $12,000 Scholarship to the University of the Arts
  • $10,000 scholarship to AMDA
  • Joffrey Ballet Trainee
  • Joffrey Ballet NYC Summer Intensive
  • Atlanta Ballet Advanced Ballet Summer Intensive
  • Providence Ballet Summer Intensive

Scholarship Recipients 2017/18

Dancer of the Year: Priya Enjeti

Makarova Award: Chelsea Goodman

Fosse Award: Laura Kain

Astaire Award: Katherine Fitzhugh

Sparx Award: Caley Patton

Michaels Award: Cece Herren

Calendar of Shows, no-class dates and more!

April 27 5:50pm Princess Ballerinas Ballet 1 Friday Mini-Show (at the studio)

April 28 12:05pm Princess Ballerinas Ballet Movement Mini-Show (at the studio)

May 1 5:05pm Princess Ballerinas Ballet 1 Wednesday Mini-Show (at the studio)

May 1 5:50pm Princess Ballerinas Ballet Movement Wednesday Mini-Show (at the studio)

May 28 Memorial Day Studio is closed

June 9 Mandatory Full  Cast Rehearsal 10:00-10:30 For Hip Hop 1 & 2 (both classes) and Tap 1&2; 10:30am-12:45pm Alice in Wonderland; 1:00-3:00 for Wed T/J 2/3, HH3/4 & 5-7, Tap 4 & 5-7, Jazz 4 & 5-7, C 3/4 & 5-7

June 23 & 24 21st Annual Performance! Alice in Wonderland!