Boys Hip Hop

All Boys Hip Hop at The Ballet Center

All Boys Hip Hop with Rodney Gore!

All Boys Hip Hop class specifically for Boys ages 5-12! Our instructor Rodney Gore will be teaching this class which means not only will the boys in this class have the camaraderie with the other boys but they will have the opportunity to learn from a fantastic male teacher and role model! The class will consist of a warm-up routine, center and across the floor combinations, and acro tricks common in hip hop. This high energy, fast paced class is sure to keep your dancing boy moving and happy! Rodney is a very experienced instructor and will be able to handle the age range in this class and keep everyone moving at their level.

This class will be part of the Holiday Show in December and our June 2019. Parents always have the choice to opt out of one or more performances.

Dress Code: Comfortable clothing that they can move in. They will get hot so shorts and a t-shirt are great! (Just be sure that the shorts stay where they’re supposed to! We don’t like the kind which show undergarments. Sneakers with a flat sole which are not worn anywhere else. (our dance floors doesn’t like outside dirt and grime)

Boys Discover Dance Discount! 

In any studio the overwhelming majority of dancers are female. We hope to change that by offering The All Boys Class and a discount for those who want to dance more.  Any boy who has been enrolled in our All Boys Hip Hop class for a minimum of 3 months is able to take a second class in a different dance style for FREE! (The proper dance wear and footwear would still need to be purchased as well as any other expenses such as costumes) If you are interested in this program, please contact the office. We do highly suggest enrolling in the All Boys Hip Hop first, see if they enjoy it, and then take it from there. If you have any questions, please Contact us.

To register:

  1. Create a Parent Portal by clicking the red button below. (If you are adding a dancer, please do not create a new account!)
  2. Enter your info and then that of your dancer (DOB is important because it makes class options appear)
  3. Register your dancer.

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